Saturday, July 22, 2017

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I studied for the ITIL v3 Foundation certification exam for over 2 months, reading all sorts of reference books and doing sample ITIL exam questions. I finally passed the ITIL v3 Foundation (2011) examination on 7 June, 2014 with a score of 95% (38/40).

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After an in-depth research of the ITIL exam requirements, I have found out the good part is that there is NO education or experience requirements and the ITIL certification will never expire. Anyone wishing to get ITIL Foundation certified can do so with self-study. The not-so-good part is however it is very difficult to sit only the ITIL Foundation exam without buying the study course in a bundle (e.g. Simplilearn ITIL 2011 Foundation Training - Note: Simplilearn offers discount coupons from time to time, you may try the coupon code SPRING50 to get 50% off on ITIL v3 Foundation Exam course). If you are a PMP, taking a course will have the added benefits of allowing you to claim Category A PDU (without limit) instead of Category C (which would require you to provide lots of proof).

To be frank, the ITIL v3 Foundation exam is not too difficult. However, getting to know how to register and prepare for the ITIL exam is somewhat more difficult. That's why I am posting this ITIL Foundation journey on my blog to help fellow ITIL aspirants to obtain the qualification easier. It is possible that you can pass the exam with a week or two of intense study.

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