Monday, July 17, 2017

The ITIL Software Scheme

Introduction - Through the Cabinet Office, the APM Group has established an ITIL Software Scheme which allows software tool vendors to obtain endorsement for an ITIL-based tool. Endorsement allows tool vendors to hold a valid Trade Mark Licence and use the Process Compliant badge.

How the scheme works - The scheme operates through Licensed Software Assessors whereby software tool vendors apply to have a tool assessed in order to obtain a recommendation.

Licensed Software Assessors are independent assessment bodies, providing recommendations to APM Group on the tools assessed. Tools will be assessed by qualified industry experts who must meet the criteria as set by APM Group.

Software tool vendors are invited to apply to any Licensed Software Assessor in order to obtain their endorsement.
Please see the Licensed Assessors page for further information.

Licensed Software Assessors assess software tools based on one of three levels: Bronze, Silver or Gold, as well as 100% compliance to the ITIL processes that the tool claims to be compliant with. Please view further information on the Mandatory Assessment Criteria here. The three levels of assessment are as follows:

 ITIL Process Compliant Gold
Product (including processes and user documentation) has a least three "in production" customers that have implemented and are using the product and are happy to reference that they are using the tool to automate the assessed process in accordance with ITIL. Proof of customer implementation of the audited product from the customer (letter-headed paper) endorsing their use of it is required with at least one piece of user evidence. Proof should state that they have the tool deployed in production and they are using the tool to automate the assessed process in accordance with ITIL.
 ITIL Process Compliant Silver
Product (including processes and user documentation) has at least three "in production" customers. Proof of product order by customer on letter-headed paper is required (values may be blanked out) stating that the tool, including correct version, is deployed in production.
ITIL Process Compliant Bronze
Product, processes and user documentation have passed the assessment.

For the purposes of the ITIL Software Scheme, customers are third-party customers. Any number of ITIL processes can be assessed and the same tool can be assessed on different levels.
The Process Compliant Badge

The ITIL Software Scheme offers a logo to everyone that the Cabinet Office awards with endorsement and subsequent Trade Mark licence. The logo incorporates the popular swirl image, along with the ITIL Trade Mark with wording to confirm that the product has been appropriately licensed by the Cabinet Office.
Benefits to tool vendors

        The ability to demonstrate quality-reviewed software for compliance to ITIL Best Practices;
        Usability assurance for end users;
        Use of the Process Compliant Badge.