Sunday, July 23, 2017

ITIL Foundation Review

This instructor-led, live virtual ITIL Foundation Review is suitable for anyone who needs to prepare for the official ITIL Foundation certification exam. The one-day course provides an overview of the IT Service Management Lifecycle, the five lifecycle stages and the 26 processes and four functions.

    No travel required – reducing the actual cost of training (no airfare, hotel or lost travel days)
    No distractions – learn where you feel most comfortable, where you may not be distracted by others that a classroom setting can bring
    Downloadable course material available weeks before the class – review and familiarize yourself with the course material so you are ready to go
    Live instructor with whom you can interact and raise your virtual hand to ask questions
    Receive full access to course materials for thirty (30) days after the course ends


    What is ITIL; its strategic and operational benefits; and an overview of ITIL’s certification program
    ITIL’s key concepts, definitions and objectives
    ITIL’s “service-driven lifecycle” approach, and the structure, components, processes and functions of the five core ITIL books. For each of the five core books and the related processes and functions, the course provides:
    A high level description of the main activities, goals and benefits
    Process interrelationships and interdependencies, what “process integration” and “business integration” really mean
    Key metrics and management reporting